Pilots are essential for any TV writer to have. You need them in the first or second round of the various writing programs, you need them to get an agent or manager, and you need them to try to get staffed. Here’s some of the material that we’ll cover:

  • the concept of the show
  • the story engine.
  • the main characters and their relationships.
  • the world of the show.
  • picking the best story for the pilot episode.
  • outlining your pilot.

Pilots are hard and take longer to write than specs, and even though the goal is to finish a solid outline, many students end up finishing a first draft. In addition to weekly classes, I also schedule individual 1 on 1 meetings during the class. Writers will be expected to submit work, and also read and give feedback on everyone else’s work.

This class is designed for writers with new ideas, to go from pitch to outline. It’s not ideal for people to rework and rewrite old pilots.

WHEN: Class starts Sunday, March 15, 2020.
TIME: 12:30pm PST. Classes are around 3 hours long.
SESSIONS: 7 sessions
CLASS SIZE: 8 writers max
COST: $650 – discounted price only for previous students

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The main reason to write a spec script these days is so you can apply to the different writing fellowships.  I wrote spec scripts that got me into the NBC Writers on the Verge program and the Nickelodeon Writing Program, and I’ll take you through the same process that I use when I write. We’ll go over everything from beginning to end, including picking what show to spec, pitching and writing loglines, writing a treatment, an outline, and then your draft. The goal is to have a new, polished spec ready to submit to contests and fellowships.

During the class, I also help you prepare for the interview process for the fellowships. Each class will be around 2 – 3 hours long, depending on how many writers there are, and what we’re covering that week. There will be weekly assignments, and you’ll be expected to read and have notes for everyone’s work in addition to working on your own scripts. Each session, you’ll get feedback on your material from me, as well as from the rest of the group. I’ll also be giving written notes on your scripts, and we’ll also have periodic private 1 on 1 meetings to make sure you’re on track, and to discuss any specific issues you’re having with your script.


If you have any questions about the workshops, please email me at


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