I’m offering coaching services to help you with your creative endeavors.

Whether you want to write scripts, shoot a web series, whatever your creative goals are, I’ll help you along the way.

I’ll give you notes on your concepts and help you develop your outline. I’ll hold you accountable and keep you disciplined. I’ll give you deadlines and make sure you hit your milestones, and push you to keep your work up to a consistent high standard.


My workshops focus on the craft of writing, and you get notes from me and the other writers in the workshop each week, at each stage of your script.

My coaching is more flexible. I’ve had writers who wanted to work on a script but couldn’t commit to the weekly schedule of the workshop. Other writers wanted to focus on their overall strategy, and how best to accomplish their goals. My coaching covers any project regardless of genre or medium, not just comedy scripts. We’ll start by formulating a personalized, big picture strategy for you, then break down your main goals into smaller manageable milestones, and schedule everything into a realistic timeline.

Although I give feedback on early stages of your work up to outlines, it doesn’t include feedback on drafts of scripts. If you want notes on a specific draft of a script, that can be purchased separately.


We’ll schedule regular meetings over video chat, or in person if you’re in Los Angeles. Here are some of the things we might cover:

  • notes on loglines, treatments, beat sheets, and outlines.
  • strategy of what projects to work on next
  • deadlines to make sure you finish your script for the fellowship deadlines
  • writing query letters
  • meeting prep
  • plans for shooting a web series or short film
  • crafting your bio and your brand

You can choose the number of meetings you want, whether it’s just a single meeting to review your goals for the year, or a few meetings for specific project, or ongoing meetings for bigger goals. You can order in meetings in bundles, with bigger discounts on larger bundles. Meetings last up to an hour, except the first meeting which could last up to 90 minutes. Meetings take place over video chat, or in person if you’re in Los Angeles.


Committing to coaching is a big decision, so I’d like to offer a one time free 30 minute online chat where you can ask me any questions, and see if I might be able to help you with your writing. Email me at if you’re interested!

1 MEETING ($125)

In the initial meeting, we’ll discuss where you are, what you’ve done, and where you want to go. By the end of the meeting, we’ll map out your goals for the whole year, and a basic timeline.

3 MEETINGS ($350) 

I would recommend 3 meetings for people with a clear short term goal, like figuring out the outline of a script, or doing a rewrite before the fellowship deadlines.

6 MEETINGS ($650) 

I would recommend 6 meetings for people who want to start a new project and want guidance during the entire process, whether it’s a spec, pilot, or feature.

You also get $50 off any workshops for a year.

12 MEETINGS ($1200) 

If you have multiple projects you want to finish, and want to maximize your productivity, 12 meetings offers the best value. You can space them once a month to keep you on track for a whole year, or meet more frequently for intense creative sprints.

You also get $100 off any workshops for a year.

Email me if you have any questions. Looking forward to working with you!

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