I’m a writer and an alum of the NBC Writers on the Verge program, the Nickelodeon Writing Program, and the CAAM Fellowship. logo-fellowships I’ve been teaching my TV writing workshops since 2012. My students have ranged from new writers who have never written a script, to grad students who studied screenwriting. Please check out all the wonderful testimonials from former students. Writers have gone on to place in the ABC Disney Writing Program, the WB Writers Workshop, the CBS Writers Mentoring Program, Scriptapalooza, and the Austin Film Festival with the scripts they wrote in my workshop.   

I’ve taken a few different TV writing classes before and none were as helpful as Kiyong’s!  The most helpful aspect was the one-on-one sessions that we had.  We looked at my stories and really broke them out, and he helped articulate what was needed to make the story stronger.
I’ve taken a lot of writing classes for television and many of them don’t really guide you in comprehensive and useful way, most them don’t even give assignments or examples that you can work with.
I’ve taken tv writing classes at esteemed places, and though they were helpful, Kiyong’s guidance and feedback is incomparable. Many people can point out what’s wrong in a script. Kiyong goes beyond that. He’s gifted in pinpointing why something’s not working and then helping you find a way to fix it.
I took Kiyong’s pilot writing class this summer and it was one of the best investments I’ve made in a while. Not only did Kiyong give detailed and extensive notes, but he also checked-in between classes to make sure we were all on track.
Kiyong is friendly and hilarious, focused and professional, and he’s organized his class in a way that helps each writer succeed. Each class builds on the previous class, and each week’s homework assignment builds on each class session.
Kiyong’s notes are always on point and his in-depth knowledge of various writing programs will help you focus on what’s most important when you submit your script.
I’ve taken courses at acclaimed screenwriting programs and Kiyong’s class ranks among the best in script consulting. Kiyong was dedicated to his students and offered insightful feedback to push you to write your best.
The caliber of feedback throughout the course, both from Kiyong and the other students, really pushed me to write what I consider to be my best sitcom spec to date.
Kiyong is an absolute pleasure to work with. Investing in this class was a great decision.  Not only is Kiyong professional & wealth of knowledge, but, he is patient & focused on making all of his students comfortable, thereby creating an environment where your creativity can really blossom.
WHAT YOU NEED All of the writing workshops are conducted online using video chats, so you’ll need a computer with a web cam and a good internet connection. You’ll also need Final Draft or similar program, access to Google docs, and Hulu or Netflix. Because the workshop is online, location doesn’t matter! I’ve had students from LA, NY, San Francisco, Austin, Portland, Chicago, Melbourne, etc.

If you have any questions about the workshops, please email me at mr.kiyongkim@gmail.com.